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About Chariot Advisors

At Chariot, active management can mean anything from short sales, sector strategies, and the use of leverage to ongoing review and management of more traditional, well-diversified Asset Allocation Models. We offer many choices to fit an individual’s needs and risk tolerance. With active management, investors and their financial professionals can rely on us to monitor and adjust their portfolios, as appropriate, on a regular basis. Investors may have found that regular monitoring and adjusting of their accounts has simply not been the case with historically popular passive methods.

Chariot Advisors was founded on the idea that carefully-orchestrated, well-diversified portfolio management, and particularly multiple strategies within a single portfolio, called Blending or Blend, can help minimize volatility. We believe that active management and diversification, especially this blended form of management, provides for increased probability of solid returns and reduced “draw downs” (losses in an account) that can lead to better long-term performance throughout various market cycles.

Chariot Advisors, LLC is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor serving the investment community across the United States. Chariot is committed to advanced investment strategies and funds that are designed to minimize risk and maximize returns under all market conditions – up, down, or sideways. Chariot’s investment strategies are available in variable annuities and asset management accounts.

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