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“Investors and financial advisors are looking for newer, innovative ways of portfolio management to minimize volatility.”

-Dana Gower MBA CCP®

Strategic + Tactical Investments

IGNIFICANT RECURRING DECLINES in traditional portfolios are causing a stir among investors and the professional investment community alike. Unsophisticated Asset Allocation Models and a passive strategy of “buy and hold”, without the use of strategic and tactical management have come under fire. The traditional methodology, a passive approach to investing, can work well in bull markets, but may not do so well in sideways markets, and can result in significant declines during bear markets. A growing alternative is active management.

Chariot’s mission is clear. We will continually strive to serve our client’s needs and wants for innovative, effective investment strategies and funds. We believe in minimizing risks and seeking investment profits in an active, hands-on way.

See our “How Important is it to Minimize Volatility?” page for an example of how volatility can erode portfolio performance.


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